Empress Crest Concierge Service

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The Empress Crest Concierge offers a wide range of services to its members as well as its customers.
These concierge services cater to the customer’s requirements ranging from the Empress Crest Enhanced Ownership Program to Marina reservations, Private Jet bookings, to specific sports and concert ticket purchases and even the requirement of specific, specialized errand and information services.

Becoming a Member

Membership for Empress Crest is a selective process that is initiated at the time a customer purchases one of the products.


Upon purchase the customer is automatically entered into the membership circle. The value components associated with the membership depends on the type of products purchased.


For example, the purchase of an Empress Crest yacht would entail the member with VIP access to a host of itineraries from selected marina access and special VIP benefits to a range of advantages on the luxury excursions program. Similarly, the purchase of luxury accessories from Empress Crest would enable the member to special discounts on other products and services and maintenance promotions on the products purchased.


As all products of Empress Crest are limited edition productions, each product is serial numbered to ensure authenticity and historical value.


Member benefits varies from time to time and can also change due to seasonal and promotional aspects.


Memberships are automatically renewed each year on the basis of purchasing at least one product from Empress Crest each year. Similarly, a membership may be closed if no purchase is made during a 12 month period ENQUIRE NOW

Service & Aftercare


Empress Crest Enhanced Ownership Program

The program offers a dedicated concierge who is contactable from anywhere in the world, 24 x 7 for any requirement pertaining to the products and services of Empress Crest.


Divided into two elements, in the first, the Empress Crest Value (ECV) represents a unique offering that delivers a seamless service and dedicated maintenance experience, from your yacht to all the other products of Empress Crest that requires constant upkeep and quality conditions, ensuring long lasting value.


In the second element of its creation, the Empress Crest Active Priority Service (ECAPS) ensures a swift and effective reaction in times of emergencies.


* Model specific, limitations may apply, not available in some markets.


For Empress Crest Yachts

Empress Crest Value (ECV)

The Empress Crest Value (ECV) is an advanced system which enables your yacht to seamlessly transmit important maintenance information to the Global Empress Crest Centralized System which is then shared with your authorized Empress Crest Dealer.


As you would expect, the accuracy of the data transmitted is exceptional, enabling the service team to quickly obtain information regarding the status of your vessel. So whether there is an oil replacement or battery charge required, your authorized Empress Crest Dealer can swiftly inform you and arrange for the necessary work to be completed efficiently, at a time that is convenient to you.

Empress Crest Active Priority Service (ECAPS)

The Empress Crest Active Priority Service (ECAPS) is used for any emergency situation, including emergency response teams that are available in an exclusive number of countries and regions.


The system can be activated through a specialized app on your smart phone or through the ECAPS activation system in the yacht.

For Empress Crest Excursions

Empress Crest Value

For Empress Crest Excursions, the Empress Crest Value (ECV) offers its member the ability to request for additional services during the excursions program, including personalized food and drinks, to requesting tickets, to arranging specialized events.

Empress Crest Active Priority Service (ECAPS)

The Empress Crest Active Priority Service for Empress Crest Excursions is used for any type of emergency that requires a dedicated team of specialists’ intervention in the areas of medical, disorientation or any other emergency.


Using a range of options available to the members, it can be activated to allow for emergency services to identify and respond immediately.


*  Specific emergency response teams are available in an exclusive number of countries and regions deemed important for the safety of clients.

For Empress Crest Haute Jewelry & Luxury Accessories

Empress Crest Value

Each item sold by Empress Crest Haute Jewelry and Luxury Accessories is serialized to ensure uniqueness and individuality of workmanship.


Each item has a distinctive maintenance program specially designed and planned for the up-keep of the item as much as possible to its original state of purchase no matter the age of the item.


Please note some items tend to change color, texture or its chemical composition due to wear and tear, and atmospheric or environmental changes in its surroundings. Such changes may be beyond the service levels of the maintenance program.

Empress Crest Active Priority Service (ECAPS)

Empress Crest Active Priority Service (ECAPS) for Empress Crest Haute Jewelry and Luxury Accessories is currently inactive.

Marina Reservations

Marina reservations for Empress Crest yachts are a unique and exclusive experience.


Available in some of the most sort after marinas around the world, berth reservations for Empress Crest yachts are exclusively available.


These berths are available based on reservation requests by Empress Crest yachts. Advanced bookings are mandatory to ensure availability for our clients which can be booked via the concierge service.


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Private Jet Bookings

In partnership with VistaJet

Empress Crest’s association with the world’s leading private jet company –VistaJet, signifies the extent to which we offer the very best to our customers.


VistaJet’s philosophy of giving their passenger’s the very best of air travel, convenience, and luxury, embodies Empress Crest’s philosophy.


Empress Crests’ clients can be assured of VistaJet’s commitment in meeting every aspect of the client’s requirements as expected or surpassed.


With VistaJet, Empress Crest customers will be flown to any airport, anywhere in the world, at the time and convenience of our customers.

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Special Errands & Information Services

(Members only)

 Please contact us with your requirements via the Contact page or click on Enquire now below. (Members Only).

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VIP Ticket Bookings

In progress, to be activated shortly.

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