Empress Crest

L U X U R Y   B E Y O N D   Y A C H T I N G

It’s not the creation of Life. It’s the value of Life.

At Empress Crest, we believe in creating a value that goes beyond the expected, and instill memories to last a lifetime.


Our objective in creating a culture of distinctive experience rests on a unique product range specially focused on our yacht investor.
With trademark unique design, yacht options including zero emissions, shear attention to detail, highest quality materials and an after-care relationship with unmatchable dedication, ours is not just a luxury yacht brand.


We believe in an art of living, crafted to a lifestyle that takes yachting to land and beyond the present, to future generations to come.


It’s an inimitable lifestyle for a deserving few.


Welcome to Empress Crest



Luxury. Yachting. Life.

Tradition, a thing of the past.
At Empress Crest we want to present you with the future. From the sleek exterior styling to the highly finished interior, your experience onboard an Empress Crest yacht will be one of luxury, style and class.
The styling and features put these yachts in a class of their own in the marina. With retractable radar domes and a covered seating area, your yacht can retain it’s sleek looks even when moored up. Never before has looking good been so practical. The chrome highlights and chamfered edges are the added jewelry to make the yacht sparkle, ready for a night out.


Timeless. Experience.

Empress Crest Excursions is a premium lifestyle and travel experience brand that has created a unique luxury holiday program designed for those who look for a combination of yachting, private jet travel and experiencing a multitude of diverse holiday destinations in one package.

The uniqueness of Empress Crest Excursions is the distinctive value of a contrasting holiday. This contrasting tour packages are arranged to give the traveler a sense of absolute appreciation of nature’s diversity, and an in-depth value of cultures and traditions, while enjoying the best of luxurious environments, personally hand-crafted itineraries and a “dream come true” shopping experience offered by Empress Crest Excursions.


Elegant. Perfect. Luxury.

Empress Crest Couture is a luxury fashion house that designs made-to-order ladies wear. The uniqueness of our couture business is the on-line creation of the dress without the wearer leaving the comfort of her home.
Using state-of-the-art technology, our process ensures an exclusive private process of measuring and sewing uniquely designed made-to-order dresses for the wearer.
Created using some of the most precious raw materials known to man, it personifies the trademark of Empress Crest Couture.
A guarantee given by Empress Crest couture is ensuring that each dress is perfectly measured to fit the size of the wearer.


Exquisite. Personal. Luxury.

Designed and made with passion and dedicated, the Empress Crest Haute Jewelry is a unique collection of limited fine jewelry showcasing a true masterpiece of workmanship and exquisite quality.
The design team of Empress Crest, led by its Creative Director, Eduard Gray, is also available to custom design any jewelry.


Live. Experience. Value.

From bespoke cufflinks and tie pins, to high quality hand-made leather shoes and luggage, Empress Crest Accessories provide the very best for every day life’s moments.
Covering a range of home accessories unique to its design and materials, these collector’s items represent a story line of royalty, elegance and fantasy.

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