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Building Your Empress Crest Yacht

Few of life’s experiences can offer such pleasures as building and owning an Empress Crest Yacht. The designing and construction of an Empress Crest yacht is one of sheer exhilaration combined with artistic talent and you as the owner, is the most valued participant in its creation.


In every aspect from vision, design, delivery to guarantee, a key component is a great build management team. At Empress Crest, we work with the finest yacht builders available around the world, no matter where you are. Covering the best available builders in the US mainland, to South America, Europe to Asia, we also connect with new and emerging facilities around the world as they enter the market, continuously evaluating their capacity to meet the needs of our clients. This allows us to offer impartial advice to our clients on where to build, based on your requirements of workmanship, price and features, thus ensuring a successful build from start to sea.

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Empress Crest Quantum 35

Style is a combination of appearance, performance and function, all of which have been the focus in developing the Empress Crest Quantum 35. Uncompromising in its pursuit of visual and tactile perfection, this luxury vessel is designed to please as soon as you set eyes on her, and the pleasure continues as you discover the quality of build and choice of materials. Learn More

Empress Crest A55 Dragon

The Empress Crest A55 Dragon’s design and detailing sets it apart from anything in its class, making it a guaranteed head turner in the marina. The highly impressive curvatures of the hull with the rich semi-matte finishing and chrome highlights, creates a unique character, distinguishable as only that of an Empress Crest yacht.  The private enclosed saloon and seating area ensures a pleasingly contrasting experience between the luxuriously enclosed interior and the open top luxury deck. Learn More

Empress Crest B75 Speedster

The Empress Crest B75 Speedster is a great all-rounder giving high performance and world class comfort in the same package. Features such as the gull wing doors, retractable radars and the hidden seating area on the front deck set it apart from anything in it’s class, making it a guaranteed head turner in the marina. In addition to the luxurious styling comes a well appointed interior and WIFI connectivity to the marina, assuring that your yacht is always in top condition for a day at sea.

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Empress Crest Cavalla 45

The Empress Crest Cavalla is based on the traditional lines of classical boat design for those who value the patterns of yesteryear coupled with modern day technology and comforts. A distinctive feature of the Cavalla is the rich wood and classical railings which separate this vessel from other models in the Empress Crest yacht line. Fitted with all modern amenities and fixtures, the Cavalla comes with a single or a double cabin suite for a cozy, private indulgence of luxury. This exciting, head-turning beauty encompasses the timeless elegance of traditional yachting lifestyle for the discerning few who still value that classical touch. Learn More


The Build versus Buy Contemplation

With so many motor yachts and sailing yachts available on the brokerage market, it is natural to ask the question: “Why build your own yacht instead of buy?”
The answers are many, and they are important for any would-be yacht owner to consider carefully before building your Empress Crest yacht.


The first reason to build an Empress Crest yacht versus buying an already existing yacht is complete control over the finished product. While a superyacht purchased on the brokerage market can be retrofitted and modernized it is still an existing hull with particular specifications. A new Empress Crest yacht construction project has no such limitations. The new owner is never at the mercy of decisions made by the previous boat owner, decisions sometimes made many years ago, when current options and technology were simply unavailable.



Resale Value of New Construction Empress Crest Yachts

Resale value of Empress Crest yachts, too, is a primary advantage of a new construction superyacht. Builds from top shipyards historically have maintained exceptional value over time, in some cases selling several years later for a price very close to the original construction cost. This is primarily because of the value proposition incorporated into an Empress Crest yacht. With the new owner, Empress Crest International would offer the same luxuries and privileges to the new owner based on his/her investment level.  And of course, there is the simple pleasure of being able to spend time aboard a pristine, state of the art Empress Crest yacht. New construction comes with the beauty of carpets where wine has yet to be spilled, the comfort of bed where no one else has slept, and the knowledge that everything is just as it should be in the owner’s mind.

New yacht construction

Finances, too, are important to consider when deciding to build an Empress Crest yacht versus buying an existing yacht. While a larger up-front investment may be required for an Empress Crest yacht than a brokerage purchase, the new construction owner is likely to see great value from that investment. This is particularly true during the earliest years of ownership. Construction of Empress Crest yachts generally have lower maintenance budgets than brokerage market yachts, since all the systems are newly installed and covered by factory warranties.  Moreover, newly constructed Empress Crest yachts entering the charter market draw the highest possible yacht charter rates, with even a few weeks of bookings each year helping to seriously offset the running costs.

Luxury boat construction

Another reason to building your Empress Crest yacht versus buying is a desire for specific onboard amenities. Every would-be yacht owner has a wish list of features that he wants onboard the boat, and with a new Empress Crest yacht construction project, every single one of those features can be incorporated. By contrast, with a brokerage market yacht, compromises often must be made especially if items on the wish list include cutting edge technology at the helm, in the audiovisual system or in the engine room.



Empress Crest offers a wraparound service in every aspect of design and build, from conception to delivery, working with the finest people and shipyards around the world.



Empress Crest Yachts – An opportunity to be innovative

The latest technology and design innovations are at the heart of Empress Crest new-build yachts. We, at Empress Crest take due care to ensure the functionality of the yacht’s systems meets your requirements while ensuring security of travel and lifestyle through our Empress Crest Enhanced Ownership Program.

The experience of building a yacht; is a long process

Nevertheless, most yacht owners who decide to build their own Empress Crest yacht find it ultimately rewarding. There is no substitute in having a dedicated project manager overseeing your build at all times and Empress Crest includes this service as part of our Empress Crest Yacht Management team, who has an exemplary track record of new yacht builds.

Unlimited choice

Two phrases come to mind when building an Empress Crest yacht: ‘The sky is the limit’ and ‘Good things come to those who wait’. We at Empress Crest Yacht Management Team will be available to you every step of the way, so that your decisions are well informed and correctly executed, concluding with you taking delivery of the yacht of your dreams!




Solar Empress 62

The Solar Empress 62‘ is a first series yacht, based on the experience of a 4 year long test trial on a test catamaran 47‘. The Solar Empress 62‘ can go either fully electric or in hybrid mode. The luxury yacht has all amenities which are standard on high luxury catamarans in the market, but with even more unique features. Built in carbon reinforced materials underlines the advanced technology of the Solar Empress 62‘ and gives high performance in the field of electric powered, environment friendly yachts. Learn More

Solar VVIP Passenger 10

The 10 seater custom built luxury solar passenger boat can be used for private passenger ferries between island resorts or coastal transportation or VIP travel.

Built with epoxy resin materials, the boat’s speed, engine capacity, HVAC, seating configurations, and other functionalities including VIP or VVIP facilities can be built according to specifications of the buyer. The vessel is built using high quality European standards for solar panels, battery banks, inverters and other features of the vessel.

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Solar Passenger 12

The 12 seater solar passenger vessel is a multi-purpose boat built to transport private passengers or for the general public. Available for corporate passengers, company/resort travels, VIP or even specific public transportation, the boat can be customized to suit the requirements of the customer.

Available with any type of interior, the vessel is built on epoxy resin materials in conjunction with German, or any other solar equipment manufacturers, to suit the budgets of the customer.

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Yacht refit & maintenance is an important part of yacht ownership. This ownership demands high standards that parallels the original quality of engineering and construction which cannot be compromised.


Your Empress Crest yacht manager will be the liaison between the captain, yacht manufacturers and owner to ensure the refit is done to specification within the agreed upon time and budget. With their records of success and experience in the industry, your yacht manager or broker will be able to advise on the best yard and contractors to carry out the type of refit required.


From mechanical and carpentry to full paint jobs, detailing and antifouling, your Empress Crest yacht manager will ensure the right team is selected to fulfill your desired objectives.


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For Sale

NEDShip 42m

The 42M NEDShip superyacht features traditional lines with a great focus on reliable and functional luxury design based on a state of the art configuration. She is completely constructed in Epoxy Composite with Carbon enforcements. The yacht’s shaft and propeller are combined in a tunnel-like design, providing the yacht with a very low draft for her size. This makes her a very suitable charter yacht for places such as Caribbean Islands.

Luxurious accommodation on board of the superyacht is provided in six cabins, including one Owner’s deck, a VIP cabin on the main deck and four guests cabins on the lower deck.

It is powered by 2 MTU 12V 2000 M94 engines of 1920 @ 2450 rpm to a top speed of 18 knots and an economical cruising speed of 15 knots. Her range at maximum speed is of 1,200 nautical miles and 1,800 nautical miles at the cruising speed of 15 knots. The NEDShip 42M yacht is built in full accordance with the RINA Rules for Classification of Pleasure Yachts 2009.


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MY Sunkiss 33M

The 33m Yacht Sunkiss is a wonderful one off built with the experience of over 350 projects from the shipyard. The yacht has a lot of features coming from the super yachts done by NEDSHIP, which gives a much more volume and functionality to the yacht than on comparable yachts this size on the market. Beside the full beam master cabin on the main deck, there are a VIP cabin and two standard guest cabins on the lower deck, so that the yacht can accommodate up to 8 guests.

The sleek design offers more space as it looks. The beam of 7.9m is much more than on comparable yachts and also the sun deck shows much more space for sun bathing, dining and relaxing.

The crew is located between the garage and the engine room and accommodates up to 4 crew members.

Two Caterpillar C 32 are bringing an economical and for this beam rationally speed of 23kn to the yacht.

The yacht is built in high class epoxy composite with Carbon reinforcements.

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