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Experience a unique combination of a country’s rich history, customs, traditions and natural elements to create a masterpiece of experiential luxury never before encountered.
Through in-depth exploration, Empress Crest has customized a traveler’s experience to provide a once in a life-time journey that goes beyond the norm.
Ours is not a luxury tour of places and regions, but a carefully crafted itinerary of private, absolute luxury that will mesmerize you and your senses for eternity.


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Mystical Island of Sri Lanka

Few places in the world can offer the traveler such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a compact location.

In an area smaller than the state of  New York, lie 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 1,330 kilometers of coastline – much of it pristine beach, 15 national parks showcasing an abundance of wildlife, nearly 500,000 acres of lush tea estates,250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, 25,000 water bodies, and an abundance of precious gems, blue whales and dolphins.

This is an island of magical proportions, once known as Serendib, Taprobane, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and Ceylon.



  • Luxury jet travel in partnership with VistaJet
  • Yacht to some of the most serene and private scuba diving waters
  • Travel in luxurious limos, top of the line SUVs and supercars.
  • Indulge in the most sumptuous culinary delights including “EuroAsian” fusion meals
  • Be entertained by classical musicians, drummers and dancers
  • Design and take home your very own gem & diamond studded jewelry
  • Hot air ballooning to ancient cities and waterfalls
  • Visits to historical and archeological heritage sites
  • Travel from Rain forests, wild-life safaris and beaches to cold climes in a span of a few hours
  • Journey to South Asia’s only elephant orphanage

Itinerary at a Glance

Castlereagh-approaching-storm - Copy (2)

Castlereagh Lake, Hatton

Flying through to central Sri Lanka, Castlereagh is one of the most picturesque lake reservoirs in the island paradise that your sea plane with touch down to.

The luxurious five bed-roomed colonial villa, surrounded by rolling green misty mountains was used by the British tea estate managers in the days of the British crown rule. Diligently restored by Dilmah Tea and the Bogawantalawa Tea Estates, the villa’s restoration epitomize the luxurious lifestyle of that era.

Consisting of a large swimming pool overlooking the lake, a croquet lawn, library and various indoor games, the villa comes with it’s own butler. The villa’s kitchen serves some of the most finest menus that could be enjoyed privately in your room, in the dining, or on the terrace overlooking the pool. The well manicured gardens include a beautiful summerhouse where some of the most finest teas in the world would be served to be enjoyed.

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Lion Rock Fortress, Sigiriya

The Palace fortress known as the Lion Rock or Sigiriya is an ancient palace located in the central Matale District near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The palace has been built on a hardened magma plug of an extinct volcano that long ago eroded away. It was built in the 5th century between 477 – 495 CE, by King Kashyapa, becoming one of the most fortified palace fortress’ during that era.

Consisting of several palaces within the 660 meter tall rock, the upper palace on the top of the rock includes cisterns cut into the rock that still retain water through a hydraulic technology system that is yet to be identified.

The fortress consists of an ecological wonder and includes Royal Pleasure Gardens, Water Gardens, Fountain Gardens and Boulder Gardens. On the western face of the rock contains some of the most sort after attractions of the palace – a series of frescoes of mysterious ladies whose identity has not been established.

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Tea Estates & Water Falls, Central Highlands

`The first thing that strikes you is the climate. Damp and bracingly cool, this place doesn`t fit your image of Sri Lanka’ – National Geographic 


“A distinctive experience” would be an understatement when it comes to the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka.

Surrounded by mountains shrouded in mist and emerald tea landscapes to an environment similar to the English Midlands, with the added beauty of magnificent waterfalls, the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka is a must-see in the Island’s itinerary program.

Located over 8,200 feet above sea level, with temperatures falling to a low of 2.0 °C to 3.0 °C during the months of December and January, the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Experience Some of the Best Beaches in the World

“There are long golden ones, there are dainty ones with soft white sand, there are wind- and, wave-battered ones and ones without a footstep for miles. Some have a slowly, slowly vibe and some have a lively party vibe, but whichever you choose, the beaches of Sri Lanka really are as gorgeous as you’ve heard. And one of the best things about Sri Lanka’s beaches is that no matter what time of year you go if it’s raining on one coast then chances are it’ll be sun hat and swimmers weather on the other.” – Lonely Planet.


Sri Lanka’s beaches has been one of the most signifying attributes of the island.

Individuality is a strong point when it comes to beaches in the tropical island. With the change of environment, the beaches of Sri Lanka also changes giving it’s distinctive appeal based on the type you wish to experience.

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Luxury Living Among Rice Fields, Sigiriya

Immerse yourself in the traditional Sri Lankan village lifestyle and its rich cultural heritage by experiencing the epitome of rural elegance.

Surrounded by wetlands and emerald green rice fields, indulge in luxurious dwellings set within an ambience of rustic nobility and modern amenities.

The rich Sri Lankan village life infuses simplicity, tranquil solitude and an appreciation of nature’s wonder to those who love the natural settings of a 2,000 year old cultural heritage.

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Luxurious Private lodgings & Exclusive Villas

Designed to provide absolute privacy, comfort and luxury, every villa and selected lodgings offers serenity and a peace of mind for the clients of Empress Crest Excursions.

The Villas and Private Lodgings are nestled amongst some of the most natural and beloved locations around the country with the highest of quality standards and services you can come to expect from Empress Crest Excursions.

Each of Empress Crest lodgings offers round the clock services, dedicated chauffeur and connects you with a host of other services of Empress Crest, including Concierge, to guarantee total contentment and satisfaction.

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Wildlife Safari in Asia’s Little Africa

Boasting the highest density of leopards anywhere in the world, Yala Safari National Park is also home to the biggest of them all.

Experience the most adrenaline rushing wildlife and come face to face with some of the most largest and most powerful wildlife you can ever set your eyes on.

Situated in the deep south of the Island, the safari park is home to some of most sort after wildlife including 44 varieties of mammals and 215 bird species. Among its other famous residents are the majestic elephants, sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks, and crocodiles.

Enjoy luxurious detached, private pavilions offering fine views of the surrounding wilderness and seascape. Dine in luxurious tents and enjoy open air camp fires, all the while living in the wild throughout the journey in the mystical Isle.

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One of a Kind Luxury Shopping

Buy your very own luxury real estate.

The luxury excursions programme allows the clients of Empress Crest Excursions to not just experience an itinerary filled holiday, but live one throughout their lifetime.

Available on lease, ready made or custom built, Empress Crest Excursions offers luxury real estate purchase as part of the excursions tour *.

Be it a tropical beach front living, the cool climes of the hill country or the cosmopolitan city of Colombo, luxury real estate in Sri Lanka is both an investment and an asset to own in one of the most growth-oriented real estate markets in Asia.

From specially designed, ultra modern luxury villas to super luxury apartments, your holiday home can become your very own luxury abode.


* Subject to availability and local laws and regulations

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Luxury within a 17th Century World Heritage Fortress

The Fort is yet another gem on this paradise island and is one of the seven world heritage sites in the country. At 36 hectares, with over 600 residences, several religious sites, shops, hotels, restaurants, and businesses not to mention a functioning High Court and Magistrate Court it is one of the largest ‘living’ Forts in the world.

The cobbled-stone streets, old buildings, bookstores, cafes and the timeless nature of waves crashing into the rocks lull you into a state of peace.
Select from a range of luxury sport cars or SUVs such as a Mustang GT, Cadillac Escalade, Porsche Cayanne or Lexus to drive you to the private villa overlooking the Indian ocean inside the historic Galle fort.
Taste the most delightful of tropical fruits including freshly plucked sweet mangoes, pineapples and the refreshing taste of king coconut water as a welcome retreat.
Spend the next few days experiencing soothing luxurious ayurvedic massages surrounded by swaying palm trees and the sound of calm ocean waves lapping beside the luxury spa.
Spend the nights listening to an array of local classical musicians, drummers and dancers or visit one of the nightlife entertainment centers in the city.
Return to the villa for a luxurious candle lit dinner or at the 18th century Dutch hotel located just a stroll away.

Conversations are more like soothing murmurs here. Life at the luxurious fort is a great place to celebrate the slow life and one that you can cherish with a sense of contentment and luxury.

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Golfing & Sports in Tropical Paradise

Ranked as “Asia’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2018” by World Travel Awards 2018, the tiny island of Sri Lanka is bestowed with some of the most sort after adrenaline infused sports activities ever found.


These include white water rafting, surfing, scuba diving, para-gliding, to trekking, mountain climbing, whale and dolphin watching and many more. For a more relaxed activity, visitors can select golfing at some of the most scenic locations found in Asia, from cool mountains to tropical beach golf resorts. All this, within the shortest distance to each other, compared to any other country in the world.


The bird life of Sri Lanka is also one of the most sort after adventures for nature-lovers. The island is very rich for its size and about 433 species have been recorded. In addition to the many resident birds, a considerable number of migratory species winter in the country to escape their northern breeding grounds. There are 452 species which are resident, of which 33 are endemic.


The complete itinerary comes with the comforts of ultra-luxurious travel, accommodation and amenities to make your excursions with Empress Crest a dream come true.


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